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These past years I’ve grown to be more privacy-aware. And while this post isn’t about how I’m increasing my personal privacy, I’d like to talk about how I’m increasing yours.

less than 1 minute read

Traveling by train or plane and want to test your react app on your mobile phone? This quick post explains how to access your react development server from your phone without a Wi-Fi connection.

3 minute read

WorkManager is great to schedule background work on Android. However, since scheduled work lives outside of the app lifecycle, you might run into unexpected crashes.

4 minute read

In the past years, my thoughts on pull request reviews have evolved considerably. Given that creating and reviewing pull requests are a core part of our work, let’s talk about those.

2 minute read

While Android supports most Java language features, it doesn’t support every API that Java provides. On the other hand, Kotlin multiplatform only allows sharing code across all targets (commonMain), not a subset of targets (commonJvm).