2 minute read

Had a blast visiting Droidcon UK this year and wanted to do a quick post to link to all of it’s wonderful content.

3 minute read

Being my 2nd year at Google IO, I decided to do things differently: Besides taking notes during sessions, I also created a personal todo list. This contains all new (and even old) technologies I got triggered to look into.

3 minute read

After organizing Droidcon Paris for several year, the organizers decided to move on and experiment with a new format. This didn’t just result in a well organized conference, but also in a fresh new vibe whilst still feeling familiar.

3 minute read

Having founded the entire Droidcon franchise in 2009, Droidcon Berlin is a magical conference to be at. Not only do they have an awesome lineup of speakers (including yours truly). But they also organize great after hour events. Further they’re...

4 minute read

A conference about our favorite Green little robots? In sunny Italy? With great food and a party? Yeah, I can image how you must feel in case you missed it… I on the other hand was fortunate enough to attend...