Year in review 2016

09 Jan 2017

Year in review 2016

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It’s that time of the year again to do a little personal retrospective.

2016 passed by so quickly! I had a fantastic time playing around with (and taking care of) my wife and daughter. It’s really astonishing to see how much a baby can learn and grow in a year.

Being a father also helps putting things into perspective and rediscover the little pleasures in live. For example, there is literally no better cure for stress than coming home, being greeted by a happy smile and laying down on the floor playing with your own kid. :)

Besides that, I actually found more time than expected to grow technically. As such I:

  • Wrote 11 blogposts, almost meeting my goal of 1 per month
  • Got featured in Android weekly a whopping 9 times
  • Appeared on Android dialogs
  • Spoke at 5 big conferences + 1 local meetup
  • Grew my twitter followers to more than 750
  • Gathered over 1000 stars on Github
  • Gained >2000 reputation on stackoverflow
  • Built a new Github library MockitoCollectionMatchers
  • Visited Google IO (finally!)
  • Built 2 green field side projects!
  • Made plans for building a house
  • Taught my daughter how to fist bump and say Yolo #awesomedad

Render of our house

Next year construction of our dream house will start, so time will once again be a scarce resource. And since I don’t want to give in on quality time with my daughter, I’ll just try to keep up my current blogging and speaking efforts. However, it would be really cool if I could speak at a conference outside Europe!

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