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1 minute read

Finally found the time to write my year in review. #insomnia

8 minute read

Wouldn’t you love to have your open source projects built automatically by a continuous integration server? And to have a detailed code coverage report for all your unit tests? Even when someone generated a pull request? And how about having...

7 minute read

My previous blog post described how to set up your own private Maven repository with Artifactory in 30 minutes. This second and final part will make things more interesting and take your setup to the next level.

5 minute read

Setting up your own Maven repository and uploading artifacts to it is quite a daunting task. As I went through this experience myself recently, I want to help others in setting up their own Maven repository via Artifactory and automate...

7 minute read

For quite some months, I’ve been planning to create a website and start blogging about the things I’m passionate about. Last week, I finally decided to setup a portfolio and blog using GitHub pages and Jekyll.