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5 minute read

From Android Q onwards devices can now operate in a fully gestural system navigation mode. In that mode, there is no longer an on-screen back button, instead users can swipe from both edges to navigate back.

3 minute read

Your icon is one of the most important assets in your app. With a bit of luck, users might even put it on their main launcher screen!

7 minute read

Wrapping up this series on modularization I’d like to share some of the things we’ve learned at Philips Hue while going through this process the past year.

5 minute read

Now that we have a clear idea of how a modularized app could look like how can this be applied to an existing app?

5 minute read

Now that we’ve established that modularization is a really good thing to strive for, how should a modularized app look like? How are the different modules connected? And how does this look for a real app?

6 minute read

Modularizing your app seems to be all the hype these days. But why should you actually care? What are the benefits for you and your team? How should a modularized app look like? And how do you start splitting your...

7 minute read

Are you living the dream? Is your code so clean it makes your eyes just tear a little? Can’t think of anything you would still like to refactor? Never have any bugs? Using all the latest technologies?

2 minute read

Architecture components are one of the most exciting things that happened to Android in the past years. But how do you effectively go about and testing this?

1 minute read

Sitting in our own couch, in our own house, kids safely asleep upstairs,… The road here was brutal, but the result is extraordinary.