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6 minute read

A great way to make your library easier to use it to generate code documentation for its public interface. The default way to do this in Kotlin is to generate KDoc using the official Dokka plugin.

2 minute read

Getting up without being rushed, cycling my kids to school, cooking healthy salads for lunch, kids running into my arms when they get home… I’m quite happy with my new daily routine!

12 minute read

Now that we know how feature flags can help us release faster, it’s time to dive into the actual implementation details. How can we easily define feature flags? How to configure them both locally as remotely? And use them in...

5 minute read

Empowered with what feature flags are and why they are useful, let’s see how we can actually integrate them into an app. And how can we roll them out to our users?

6 minute read

A key ingredient to speed up modern software development is feature flags. But what is a feature flag precisely? Why should you care about them? How do you integrate them into your codebase? And how can we make them easy...

16 minute read

Three years ago, we decided ramp up internal app development at Philips Hue. After interviewing candidates (78!) for six months, I became the lead Android developer of the freshly hired Android team.

5 minute read

From Android Q onwards devices can now operate in a fully gestural system navigation mode. In that mode, there is no longer an on-screen back button, instead users can swipe from both edges to navigate back.

3 minute read

Your icon is one of the most important assets in your app. With a bit of luck, users might even put it on their main launcher screen!

7 minute read

Wrapping up this series on modularization I’d like to share some of the things we’ve learned at Philips Hue while going through this process the past year.

5 minute read

Now that we have a clear idea of how a modularized app could look like how can this be applied to an existing app?