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It’s that time of the year again to do a little personal retrospective.

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Due to its clean simple api, Mockito has become world’s most popular Java mocking framework. After having covered all of its basics, it’s time to spice things up and start extending Mockito.

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Code coverage is an awesome way to motivate you and your team to write more tests. But did you know that simply enabling it slows down your build significantly?

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As die hard Android developers, copyright notices are usually not on top of our priority list. Yet large corporations always insist to add a copyright header. Why do they do that? Should you do that for your open source libraries?...

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Cycling is all about exploring: visiting new places and making existing routes more fun with better streets. So there must be an app that allows to plan your route and start cycling right? Think again… there is currently no solution...

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At Droidcon Berlin 2016 I had a great time talking about testing using the Mockito framework. While the talk wasn’t recorded unfortunately, the great folks at Voice Republic recorded an audio version which you can listen to as a podcast...

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Having founded the entire Droidcon franchise in 2009, Droidcon Berlin is a magical conference to be at. Not only do they have an awesome lineup of speakers (including yours truly). But they also organize great after hour events. Further they’re...

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As green field projects are a rare breed, chances are that you’ve inherited a legacy code base. If you’re as lucky as me, that code base has over 65k methods causing the build times to be boringly slow.

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A conference about our favorite Green little robots? In sunny Italy? With great food and a party? Yeah, I can image how you must feel in case you missed it… I on the other hand was fortunate enough to attend...

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Do you remember the last time you had to dig into strings.xml to find the right String to use? Or that you manually had to go over all drawables to find the one you needed?