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3 minute read

WorkManager is great to schedule background work on Android. However, since scheduled work lives outside of the app lifecycle, you might run into unexpected crashes.

4 minute read

In the past years, my thoughts on pull request reviews have evolved considerably. Given that creating and reviewing pull requests are a core part of our work, let’s talk about those.

2 minute read

While Android supports most Java language features, it doesn’t support every API that Java provides. On the other hand, Kotlin multiplatform only allows sharing code across all targets (commonMain), not a subset of targets (commonJvm).

4 minute read

This week JFrog - out of nowhere - announced to completely remove their Maven repository. Since they’ll pull it offline already by May 2021 (!!!) it’s time to urgently migrate away. This blogpost will guide how to get started.

2 minute read

Well… I don’t really know where to start this time. 2020 was quite the rollercoaster, with many downs… but fortunately also a few amazing ups. Let’s focus on the good stuff.

9 minute read

Ever had a build failure while integrating an SDK? Wonder how you can avoid your SDK customers having dependency conflicts? How many transitive dependencies should your SDK have?

5 minute read

With modularization being all the hype, should you also modularize an SDK? Are fat aar files really needed? And how do you prevent internal APIs from being exposed on your public interface?

4 minute read

Having switched to Android SDK development over the past year, I’ve run into quite a few interesting and unexpected challenges. So how does library development differ from app development?