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For the first time ever I have my year in review ready in time.

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Tonight after a routine MacOS update (10.13.2) disaster struck and my Mac got stuck in an update boot loop. After a few hours of panic, reading online and trial & error I managed to resolve it. Here’s what I did...

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Do Fragment transactions and back navigation have no more secrets for you? Well then you should try to solve the mystery in this post, where a Fragment (literally) came to haunt us…

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While you may be tempted to strive for 100% code coverage, that would be a horrible idea. Besides some code being hard to test, the concept of coverage is actually fundamentally limited.

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Had a blast visiting Droidcon UK this year and wanted to do a quick post to link to all of it’s wonderful content.

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This isn’t another post about the benefits of using Kotlin. Hell, I’m not even going to cover any of its language features. Nor will I try to convince you to make the switch.

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For years Android developers have been limited to Java 6 features. While RetroLambda or the experimental Jack toolchain would help, proper support from Google was notably missing.

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Upgrading to Android studio 3.0 territory will make building multi-module projects a lot faster, but it also means a breaking Gradle plugin API change unfortunately.

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Being my 2nd year at Google IO, I decided to do things differently: Besides taking notes during sessions, I also created a personal todo list. This contains all new (and even old) technologies I got triggered to look into.

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After organizing Droidcon Paris for several year, the organizers decided to move on and experiment with a new format. This didn’t just result in a well organized conference, but also in a fresh new vibe whilst still feeling familiar.